Installing and Activating OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies®

Before you Begin!

Check that your computer meets the System Requirements: System Requirements

  1. Pentium 300-megahertz (MHz) processor
  2. 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM
  3. 100 megabytes (MB) of available space on the hard disk
  4. CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive (if installing via a CD)
  5. Windows 2000, XP or Vista

Installation Instructions

1. Insert the CD into your CD ROM.
The installation should begin automatically.
2. Follow the Installation Wizard to complete the installation process.

Automatic Start Not Working?

1. Double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop or click Start and select My Computer.
2. Double-click the icon for your CD-ROM drive.
3. When the Installation Wizard displays, follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

Activating Your Product Online

When you launch OrganizeMY™ for the first time, you will be asked to activate your product.

1. Complete the User Information fields and click Next.

2. Enter the serial number that you received via email. Once you have entered, click Activate to continue.

3. Click Continue to launch the Product Demo to view the great features and benefits of using OrganizeMY™.

4. This is the Online Backup option, the safest way to save you information. Click Continue to get to the next step.

5. In the last step, you install PDFcamp. This is a FREE tool for saving Web pages and documents to a PDF format. There is no document that you cannot save this way!

Installation / Activation / Setup FAQs

Q. I have the OrganizeMY™ CD in my CD drive but it will not accept the serial number. What is causing this?
A. Make sure that the OrganizeMY™ CD is the only one in your computer.

Q. I am trying to activate OrganizeMY™. I am online and can see my Serial Number and Unlock Code, but the activation will not process. What could be the problem?
A. This issue is caused by a third party or Windows-based firewall blocking access to the Internet (being online is required for the activation). If you have a firewall, you should be prompted to allow the OrganizeMY™ application access to the Internet. You must allow this access. If you are not prompted, do the following:

  • exit the activation
  • disable your firewall
  • run the activation again
If you disable the firewall while you have the OrganizeMY™ activation screen open, you will have to exit the activation and start over. To get back to the activation screen, simply re-launch OrganizeMY™. If you have disabled your firewall, do not forget to turn it back on after you have activated.

Q. How can I use OrganizeMY™ to track another family member’s information or another small business separately?
A. Set up more than one user account. When you install OrganizeMY™, you are installing the application to the computer itself. If the computer has multiple Windows user accounts setup, by default OrganizeMY™ will create a whole new Filing Cabinet structure for each user account. When another user launches the application for the first time, that user must activate OrganizeMY™ for his or her own use. Keep in mind that you are limited to the number of activations for the same Serial Number.

More Questions?

Please visit for more frequently asked questions about using OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies®.

Technical support is available through phone and email. Telephone support is available by calling 1-877-734-9330. Hours are Mon. to Fri. - 8 am to 11 pm EST and Sat. and Sun. 10 am to 8 pm EST.
Email support is available at
You can expect an email response within 24 hours.

Using Online Help

Click the Help Tool Bar button if you are not sure about how to use a feature of OrganizeMY™. There is a table of contents, search and index feature to help you find the information you need.

Getting Started with OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies®

Using OrganizeMY™

OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies®:

  • Using OrganizeMY™ OrganizeMY™ Electronic Filing Cabinet For Dummies®:
  • Expertly designed to remove stress and make your life easier
  • Provides a convenient and easy method of storing all of your important documents
  • When you first launch OrganizeMY™, do the following:
    • Enter your personal / family information
    • Add professional and medical advisors
    • Familiarize yourself with the Home Page
    • Establish your second-level password
    • Browse the folders and start thinking about what information you want to file

Navigating the Home Page

You will see this Home Page every time you launch OrganizeMY™. From here, you can track all of the key elements of your life!

My Personal Information:
Add your personal details including information about your family members.

My Most Important Advisors:
Store contact information and notes for all of your professional and medical advisors for a quick and easy at-a-glance view of the most important people in your life.

My Financial Picture:
View all of your financial information in one convenient location. Track your assets and liabilities, budgets, insurance policies, home inventory items, and will and estate plans at the click of your mouse! You can also view a list of all of the automatic payments that are made from your bank account or credit card.

My Time-Saving Trackers:
The Tracker List links to the Time-Saving Trackers available in the Personal folder of OrganizeMY™.

My Password-Protected Information:
Maintain all of your sensitive data in this section of the Home Page, accessible only with a password. Store your:

  • Password-Protected
  • Account Numbers
  • ID Numbers
  • Access Cards
  • PINs
  • Web User IDs

A Note for Small Business Users: The Small Business Home Page is accessed by clicking the Switch to Small Business Home Page link at the top of the Personal Home Page. This Home Page works the same way except it refers to your Small Business or Professional Practice.

About the Trackers

Trackers have been designed to record additional details about your assets and liabilities, budgets, insurance policies, home inventory, renovations, event planning, medical records and more. You have the flexibility to add as little or as much information as you like when creating a record with the option to add more details later. Trackers are available from three locations:

  • Within the folders by clicking the Tracker links at the top of the screen
  • From the Home Page – all of the links take you to a Tracker
  • From the Tracker List link on the Home Page – you can access all of the Trackers that are not listed on the Home Page from this one link

Using the Folders

The folders in OrganizeMY™ are preloaded and arranged logically to cover what is important in life. They are setup intuitively for the way you think. Each folder contains a section to store the following information on the folder’s subject including:

  • Filed Documents
  • Filed Emails
  • Reminders
  • Key Contacts
  • Favorite Websites

Tip Look in the My Documents folder in Windows Explorer and you will see a folder called _My Filing Cabinet. The _My Filing Cabinet folder structure is the same as the folder structure in OrganizeMY™. This means that you can save, drag and drop or copy files directly into these folders within Windows Explorer, just as you would with any other folders in My Documents and they will also be in OrganizeMY™.

Filing/Adding Documents

Click the Add Document button to file any document in OrganizeMY™. You have three options to file/add a document:

  • From the Internet: This is where the PDF converter comes in handy. You simply go the Web page and select to Print to produce a PDF file that you then save to OrganizeMY™.
  • From your Computer: For example, you stored your resume under My Documents but want to save it to the Career folder in OrganizeMY™.
  • From your Scanner: Automatically launches your scanner software so you can save the scanned document to the folder.

Tip Not sure what you should be filing in the folders? Simply click the What to File Here link for tips on the types of documents you should store in the folder.

Adding Emails

Adding emails is easy. Click the Add Email button and select the email you want to add from your Inbox. If you have attachments in the email, you have the option to save them to the Folders & Saved Documents section of the folder.

Adding Reminders

Reminders are a great tool to keep you organized. Whenever you launch OrganizeMY™, your Reminders for the next 30 days automatically display. Or, you can click the Reminder Tool Bar button for the same view. Reminders are created in one of two ways:

  • By clicking the Add Reminder button in a folder and entering the details of your appointment or task.
  • Automatically when you enter a maturity or expiry date. For example, when you set up your Mortgage, you can enter a Maturity Date. 30 days before it matures, you will receive a reminder to let you know the maturity date is coming up.

Adding Favorite Contacts

Simply click the Add Contact button to include the Key Contacts related to the folder topic, directly within the folder. You can add Contacts from your Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail contact list, or create your own.

Adding Favorite Websites

You can store all of the favorite Websites that you frequently access for this folder topic. Simply click Add Website and either select from the list of existing Favorites in your Web browser or type in the URL.

Backing up your Files

Backing up your files has never been easier. Simply select the Backup Online link and take advantage of the free three month trial and then pay about $5 a month after that. Backup Online is a Web application that automatically encrypts your files and can back up ALL of the files on your computer over the Web to secure servers. If disaster should strike and you lose your PC files you can restore the files from the Backup Online service. If you decide not to use Backup Online, no problem! You can easily create a zipped file with all of your OrganizeMY™ information and then save that file to a CD/DVD.

Synchronize with Outlook

Synchronize your contacts and reminders with Outlook 2003/2007. After you click the Sync button, your contacts will be added in Outlook in the Contacts folder, the reminders with date will be added as Appointments, while the reminders without date will be added as Tasks.

Searching for Files and Emails

The Search feature allows you to search all of the folders in the _My Filing Cabinet folder which contains all of the files you have stored in OrganizeMY™. When you click the Search Tool Bar button in the OrganizeMY™ application, you are using the functionality of Microsoft's Windows Desktop Search.